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Fairfield, United States
I'm a 19 year old, half European and half American girl living independently in Sydney. I love exploring new, exotic and unusual places where i could spend most of my rare, unrestricted time staring at the exquisite scenery or be swept away by the remarkable sunset or just let time passed by gazing at the distant stars surrounding me. Through these places I find refuge to unwind and distangle myself to this complicated world..

But beyond this fragile and reserved feeling resides a part of me who is waiting to be unleashed and I could not keep it to myself anymore.. I'm extremely captivated to sex or addicted to it in some ways and become fascinated with everything about it and I just can't explain why.. Maybe because I'm a passionate person longing to be loved, wanted and desired.. I
may be naughty and aggressive sometimes but I love deeply.. No wonder MEN are my favorite WEAKNESS!..
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I'm looking for a man who can bring out the best in me and embraced the worst and wild side of me.. Someone I could share my life with and experience a sweet taste of heaven together.. I see myself one day in loving arms of a man where I can be myself and who would accept and love everything about me no matter how tough it gets, no matter how hard it is and now maatter how long it takes if you know what i mean..