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My friends say that I have a fun, easy-going, caring and outgoing personality. I am quite the CHEEKY type too!

I like to hang out with friends, go to movies and of course go out social dancing.

But most of all, I wanna be with my girl. Treat her like she deserves to be treated... with care, patience and understanding. Take her out for dinner, movie, or anything that makes her happy. I like to please... :)

About sports, I like to play Soccer and Basketball. And, when I am not training in the dance studio, I go to the gym.

About sex (or as I call it love-making), I love to make my lady cum. Girls look so amazingly HOT when they are cuming! The look of peace and bliss on their face after an orgasm is so gratifying.
Looking for
Looking for a fun, down-to-earth, sweet, caring and CHEEKY girl who will enjoy spending time with me.

A bonus would be that she loves dancing ... and is not against passionate, sensual and hard sex.

Even if I am not against having a long-term relationship, I would prefer a casual relationship.

As for bedroom activities, I prefer getting to know the girl before getting intimate. It's much more exciting then!

I hope that the girl has sensitive nipples and likes them licked gently. Someone who will just let herself go and let me pleasure her .. ears... neck.. inner thighs .... until she begs me to make penetrate her and make her cum....