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Been divorced 3 years, it is cool I don't want to get back with her. I am an I.T. manager for a finance company, so have a good job and am trustworthy. I am 6'1" had plenty of time with ex to learn allot of tricks along the way. I am a musician too, dad was in AC/DC, I used to play in rock bands in Sydney but play in a Christian rock band now days. I want to set up a farm to help children & teenagers at risk of homelessness or that are already homeless. I have a dream of opening a farm to help train, look after and care for homeless children. I plan to give these kids a huge chance to make something of themselves and to give them motivation to have a go at life. There is a population on the Gold Coast and Brisbane alone of over 1,500 children homeless and another 2,500 or more at risk. We have a responsibility to the younger generations to help them as we are now the next generation and the onus is on us to help them have a go at a life away from severe crime, violence, abuse and hard drugs. Many of our generation have suffered the severe life trauma of being homeless or at risk at some point of time in life, where if there were somewhere or someone there our lives may not have ended up as they are or for many and these deep embedded scars may not be still there and presenting themselves today.
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I am looking for a nice woman to share my love with and look after. I hope she believes in God as I, and has good values. I go for a run along the water each morning, then sit on the rocks for a little meditation before coming back to resort to work out in Gym. So I guess I would like a woman that likes to look after herself and keep fit as one does when they reach 40 :) Kids do not worry me as I have two beautiful children who I have each fortnight so if thats a problem sorry! they mean to much to me.