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Hey there! I'm your typical bored housewife, & know that I have more to offer than just my body. I am flirty, feisty & dont take life too seriously. I have always fantasised about women, but never had the opportunity (guts?) to fulfill this fantasy. I'm the type who's restless in normal life and I need to find something unusual to wake me up! I get along best with people who aren't afraid to call a spade a spade. Feel free to drop me a line because I'm anxious to try new things. I'm not changing my life, I'm just trying to make it more interesting.
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GUYS - pls don't start with 'do u wanna fuck?' or otherwise - I WONT RESPOND! At least appear to have read my profile & not just responded to my pics (altho' they r there to please) & I'm NOT looking for couples... to be honest, I'm having enough problems dealing with 1-1!

I'm looking for some fun, & I would like to try and find a/some 'friend(s)', male or female - Im NOT looking for 'fuck buddys' - if thats wot ur after then I aint the gal for u!! Im NOT looking for luv & romance either (Im way too cynical about that)....

A surprise sexual encounter with an unknown woman. I'm in a bathroom just finished my shower and have got my sheer white lace bra & panties on. I'm bending towards the mirror putting the last of my make-up on, dark red lipstick, when the door opens & a woman in a skintight skirt & blouse (breasts spilling out over the top of her bra) walks-in. We look at each other in surprise, & I notice her looking at my large pink nipples pressing against my bra. 'Im nearly finished, you can come in' I murmur. 'Thanx' she whispers & steps in & closes (& locks) the door. 'Love your lingerie, & you have beautiful nipples' she says. She reaches her hand out and brushes her fingers between my breasts, running them down until
she's cupping them in her hands. She gently releases my breasts from my bra and leans down, her lips surrounding my hardened nipples, her tongue swirling as she sucks .....