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When women have to go on a date, then there are some places that they would like to go to and enjoy the evening with their special some one. These places are preferably:

1. Karaoke Bar.
A Karaoke Bar is always fun to begin with. Women always like to spend their time enjoying the fun moments of other singles dating for fun. Also, they can see their dates sing themselves. In fact, you can say that these bars are a best place to take your date. It is fun and you can relax here.

2. Horse riding.
This is indeed a perfect idea for a date. Its truly romantic and an outing to be remembered for ever. You can have a picnic just to spend some romantic moments with each other. Take some wine and have a fabulous dinner with the lovely nature for your company.

3. Boating.
This is a great way to impress the hot dating women folk and enjoy a romantic date with her. Strolling through the waters would indeed be a good idea and for that it is considered to be a romantic outing. You can also enjoy your day by having a fantastic lunch also together.

4. Amusement Park.
This is also a fantastic idea as you can see the dare devil side of your woman and you can see her other side when she is pushing back you for another ride on a roller coaster. And here is your chance to make her happy as much as possible.